Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lost Information

So I decided to change my background and used a background from, but in the process I lost all my information and links to friends, so if you are a friend of mine who I used to have on my link and don't anymore, please let me know your blog address again so I can stay in touch! A couple I can remember are Alyssa & Jae, Amber & Noel, Amanda & Rob...Also, how do I prevent this from happening again? Can you change your background and save all your widgets? Techi support needed...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lice Update

I have read all the things you could ever think of that you should do to kill lice, but I didn't actually know if I believed they worked, but with some encouragement from my sister-in-law, Jeff and I slept with mayonnaise in our hair and a shower cap on our heads. Needless to say, it was really really uncomfortable and I would have taken a pic, but by the time both of us finally laid down to sleep, we were exhausted and it was late.

Today is another day of cleaning. I went to the doctor yesterday and that was pretty much pointless because she claimed, after spending two seconds in my hair, that I was lice free! Yeah right...then I went home and showered and took the nit comb to my hair. 1 1/2 hours later and about 30 nits and 4 live lice later I was definitely ready to put on the mayonnaise cap. Can I just say that it is SOOOOO hard being pregnant and having to clean so much and wash ALL of your wardrobe over and over and over again! I have been doing laundry through the night and change it when I wake up to go to the bathroom.

Today my goal is to finish the cleaning, for this week. I have to vacuum, sweep and mop and the bathrooms, disinfect the contertops, continue doing laundry, and then rug doctor the carpets, disinfect everything we have touched and put everything else is plastic bags. It is very disappointing to know that all this cleaning is pretty much for nothing b/c next week the eggs will hatch again and I will have to do it all over again...and then again the next week and next until they are gone. It is times like this when I really miss my mom. What is worse is that I have ABSOLUTELY no idea where in the world I could have gotten them and that is scary cuz then I don't know how to prevent us from getting them again. I am tired...a nap would be great, but I am too afraid to sleep or sit or lay on our bed and couches. So much for sleeping lots before the baby comes!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Our weekend

Jeff and I had a great weekend...until yesterday. I went home teaching with Jeff and at our second visit, I felt an itch behind my ear, so I itched it and a bug was on my fingernail when I looked at it after itching...Let me back up for a minute. I have been itching NONSTOP on my head for the past 1 1/2 weeks. I thought it was hormonal and didn't want to have yet another problem to go see the doctor about, so I didn't say anything. BAD IDEA!!! So there I was, sitting on someone's couch in our ward with Jeff teaching the lesson and I have a bug on my fingernail and finally know that I have lice or fleas that is causing me to itch. What do I do? I wanted Jeff to see it, so I silently put it in front of his face, hoping he would just look at it and keep on teaching without them noticing. He didn't quite do that and soon everyone in the house knew that I had lice! Actually, I am kind of grateful that it happened at the house that it did because the wife just finished medical school and so she looked at the bug and identified it as lice and then offerred to look through my hair for eggs. And there were a lot. How kind of her...but how embarassing! I have absolutely no idea how long I have had them or where I could have gotten them. I am such a germ a phobe that I never even sit on people's couches normal unless I really know them. I usually just sit on the edge of the couch and try not to touch anything. Oh well...I have them and I have them really bad!

So, I hate to say this, but Jeff and I broke the Sabbath and went to Walmart and bought lice killing shampoo for me AND for him because he itches all over his body and has been for about two days now. Don't worry, I asked the pharmacist before using one which one was safe during pregnancy and then Jeff just got the cheap one. We also got a spray and sprayed down our mattress and all the couch cushions and today I have to go buy another bottle of spray to spray down our couches and computer chair and the car. I have been running ALL our clothes on a sanitary cycle since yesterday, but each cycle takes two hours to complete, so it is taking a long time. The gross part is that after I did the shampoo washing, Jeff had to comb through my hair and pick out all the bugs and nits (eggs--Yes, I am a pro now at lice identification along with Jeff). He found a ton of little white eggs and three HUGE full grown lice that were still alive! Does that mean the shampoo didn't work? I have no idea, but it definitely made me want to start crying. I HATE BUGS and there is nothing I can do to get them out fast! It takes weeks, so we are under quarantene (Sp?) here. The doctor said to spray and wash everything and then leave our apartment for three full days, so we may be off to a hotel. As for what else Jeff found...about 50 or so other lice bugs, not fully grown yet. Disgusting. They were all caught in the nit comb and it is gross. What a great husband though.

Soooo, I am waiting to hear back from the doctor as to what to do now because both of us are still itching all over. I don't know if it takes a couple days or what for the itching to stop, but I sure hope it stops soon and I just want all this to go away. It is my worst nightmare and I hardly slept at all last night. There is just something about knowing bugs are crawling all over your body and you can't see them and they won't go away and they keep biting you and sucking your blood and laying eggs on you...Just so you all know, the nurse said that the lice will get on anyone and it is not an issue of sanitary conditions, so Jeff and I are not dirty, but don't come visit us anytime soon. Roz, I really really hope you guys don't get them. It will be a couple weeks until we will know if we got them all and from what I have heard, it can take months to get rid of them. AHHHHHH!!! Please pray they will die before the baby comes!

P.S. I am writing this because in some ways there has to be humor in it and I am trying to find that humor. It is not something I am proud of, but we also need to let everyone know who we have come in contact with to watch for them on their kids and themselves. To anyone who does get them from me, I am so so so so sorry! I am still trying to figure out how I got them myself.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Empathy Belly

Jeff and I had our birthing class last Saturday. It has taken me almost a week to convince Jeff to let me post these pics. I feel bad because I kind of made him wear the Empathy Belly (weighing 35 lbs.) in front of a lot of people he didn't know and then I took about ten pictures and kept making him pose. By the end of the photoshoot, he was a little miffed, but got over it quickly. What a great husband! Afterall, I just wanted these for the baby's scrapbook... Isn't he doing great fake smiling!?!?
Afterwards I felt so bad so I told him he could have some cookies they provided as snacks. I went and got him a couple miniature bags and that seemed to brighten his mood. Plus, we each got $20 for taking a survey! $40!!! Wahoo! That also helped his mood. Overall, if anyone else has a baby, I would say you could do without the birthing class, unless they pay you $20 for taking a survey... :)

Pumpkin Carving

When I was growing up, I was afraid of the pumpkin guts. I would not touch them for a whole bag of candy (and growing up I lived for candy). Anyway, I still don't enjoy it too much, so Jeff was nice enough to do the honors of gutting the pumpkin.I have this fear of Jeff stabbing me whenever he has a knife in his hands. Yes, it sounds crazy and it is crazy, but I did let him hold a knife to carve the pumpkin. My idea of carving a baby was quickly shot down, but Jeff's idea of carving bats for eyes was a hit. So we spent a couple minutes trying to remember how Batman draws his bat symbol. I think they turned out pretty good!Although I didn't do much gutting, I did carve out the mouth. And because I always post pics of Jeff looking wierd, I decided I had better post one of me looking wierd too. I was very tempted to Photoshop my chin so it wouldn't stick out as much, but I thought that would be cheating, so I give you permission to make fun of my sticky outey chin. Everyone else did growing up. For the most part I am over it now, but I remember having to draw our profiles and my classmates were like, "Wow, look at Melea's chin! It is like a witch chin! Melea, you should be a witch for Halloween!" And I was! The only thing I lacked was a huge wart on my chin.
Evan/Noel (whatever you would like to call him) and his pumpkin and Jeff and ours! Noel (pronounced "no-uhl", which is Leon, the name of his grandpa spelled backwards, I think) decided it would be cool to have a huge meat cleaver in his pumpkin, along with a few other knives and forks. Then it was brought up that might not be a good idea, especially with little kids coming trick or treating and there being real knives in the pumpkin on their porch, so he settled for plastic forks.
Another strange pic of me. I was trying to make the pumpkin face. Really, I just look dumb.
Jeff trying to make the pumpkin face. He eventually thought our pumpkin needed a sole patch under his mouth, so that was carved in there and busted our mouth a bit, but we fixed it enough so it will hopefully hold. :)
And then it was Amber's birthday! The big 2-4! Look at all the smoke! The cake is chocolate with cream cheese frosting and crushed peanut butter cups in the middle layer and along the outside. I made the cake from scratch and it turned out okay Jeff said, although he did say the cream cheese frosting would be better as just normal vanilla frosting, so we will have to try that another time, but the chocolate cake was nice and moist. It was my first time making one from scratch and fun to do!

As you can see, I ran out of room to put Amber's name after Happy Birthday, so I put "Amber, Happy Birthday!" Orange is for Halloween, which I love! We also went out to eat last Friday with Amber and Noel to an Indian restaurant-Masala. It was soooo good! If anyone wants to go, we will be more than willing to accompany you and show you just what is good to eat!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

12 Germiest Places

1. Kitchen sink
2. Airplane bathrooms
3. Load of wet laundry (e coli from underwear)
4. Public drinking fountains
5. Shopping cart handles (fecal matter)
6. ATM buttons
7. Your handbag (never put on bathroom floors)
8. Playgrounds
9. Mats and machines at health clubs (staph infections)
10. Office Phone
11. Hotel room remote control
12. Bathtub!!! (This is why I ALWAYS wear sandals in the shower and NEVER EVER take baths, even after being bleached with straight bleach! See, all you who have made fun of me in the past, I am healthier because I am a germaphobe!)

The Best Husband in the Whole Wide World!

The past couple days Jeff has been so sweet! He would hate it if he knew I wrote this about him because it would make him sound less manly, so if you see him in the next couple days and he is walking around flexing his muscles all over the place, you will know he is just trying to re-establish the manlihood I likely took away from posting how sweet he really is.
Yesterday he came home from school early and we spent the afternoon together just hanging out and goofing off and writing one of his school papers together. Then he did the dishes AND made me dinner all without me even asking! Then he had to go out with the missionaries. When he finally got home a couple hours later he had this beautiful bouquet of flowers for me! They smelled so good and really light up our apartment. I made him take a picture last night. I don't think he would admit it, but I suspect he was pretty proud of himself for thinking of this all by himself! I didn't even have to hint that I would like some flowers and there was no reason for him to get them for me except to just be nice and sweet. I love my husband!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rainy Day

Yesterday Jeff road his scooter to school in the morning. It was mostly sunny still, but by the afternoon, it was pouring down rain. I called him several times to see if he wanted a ride home, but he never called back. By 5:30 p.m., I was starting to get a little worried. Surely he wouldn't ride home in this weather...Then I heard the front door unlocking and opening and here is what walked in! A totally soaking wet Jeff. He must have had literally pounds of water soaked into his clothing, especially his jacket. His welcome home kiss he couldn't feel and was ice cold. His poor frozen lips! I couldn't believe it! You can't tell too much from the first pic because he is totally soaked in this layer, but when he took his jacket off, you can see just how wet he was. And what amazes me most is that he was still smiling! What a great husband! A hot shower was just minutes away and showers always feel so good when you are freezing.
When the shock finally wore off, I asked him what in the world was going through his head!?! Why didn't he just call me and I could go to school and pick him up in a CAR? His reasoning was that it was forecasted to rain throughout the rest of the week and after our scare with the scooter disappearing a couple weeks ago, he didn't want to risk leaving it at school all week. Sooooo, he drove home in rush hour traffic and pouring down rain. What a funny guy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Random Post of Pics

This is just a random post of pictures and various things we have been doing lately...First, I would like to introduce our brand new armoire! It is the first new thing Jeff and I have ever bought and will probably be the last until we have graduated from dental school and paid off school loans. Did I mention they are raising tuition next year??? How could you NOT be making enough money by charging $56,000 a year in tuition and fees???
Here is Jeff talking to Viddy on the phone...He would be furious if he knew I posted this picture, but he never checks my blog, so I am safe! He was making a funny face, which is one he has made his whole life. I guess somehow his tongue is connected to his left eye, so whenever he looks down and chews or sticks out his tongue, his eye will close. Apparently, his older siblings used to get him to do it and just laugh at him, so I can't get him to do it very often as he is pretty sensitive about his "weird eye." I think it is perfect for a scary Halloween costume!
A pic Jeff took of me just hanging out with my eyes half closed AGAIN! You can also see the neat shelves Jeff hung the other day. Yes, he is the decorator and mastermind behind our interior decorations.
Jeff hanging out on the couch at his brother's house. They just got these comfy couches...Three and a half kids later, dental school, med school and oral surgery school almost under their belts, this is the first brand new furniture purchase of their whole marriage and one to be bragged about! They are really nice couches.

Roz, my sister-in-law, is three weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy, also with a boy.
Jeff practicing changing a diaper. He did so well! The baby is Max, the son of a fellow dental student.
Garrett, Amanda, and Will with Will's three year old birthday cake. Isn't it great!?!? He was so cute. Will didn't really understand it was his birthday, so when everyone would call and sing happy birthday, he would join in and sing Happy Birthday Grandma! I tried to teach him to sing, "Happy Birthday to me!" I think by the end of the evening he finally started to understand that it was his birthday. So so cute!
Jeff reading Harry Potter...he is actually reading, even though it looks like he is sleeping. :) I forgot to mention that this is the first book Jeff has read since high school and the first book he has EVER read for fun with no one telling him he had to read it...Oh, actually he did read the Chronicles of Narnia last year so he could put on his dental school application that he reads. This book has taken him three months to read (and he is still not done), but then again he is reading quite a bit for school. :)

And that is all for now! As you can tell, our life is super duper exciting!

Monday, October 8, 2007

My 7 Month Belly!

I finally had someone assume I was going to give birth in the next month, so that must mean I am getting bigger! Just in the past week I have pretty much had to start wearing all maternity shirts, although this "outfit" is not maternity in any way. Sometimes my belly hangs out, which I think is gross, so I only wear it when I am cleaning or something in my apartment. I have gained about 13 pounds so far and measure perfectly!

The Louisville Zoo

A couple weeks ago Jeff and I went to the Louisville Zoo with Jeff's brother and his wife and family. It was a ton of fun and we saw lots of neat animals! This orangutan was great! Doug, my brother-in-law, kept joking that it was probably the zookeeper in a big costume. Honestly, the animal just sat there posing with everyone!

I played around with this photo in Photoshop. It is Jeff and Garrett, our nephew.
The gorillas were so fun to watch and kind of scary. A big silverback got really mad for some reason. I was really glad we were safe outside the cage. This particular one was also posing. The animals definitely are trained well!
Jeff walking with Garrett and Amanda. Do you notice Jeff with his hands behind his back? If you know Jeff, you know that he claims he is a sweat machine...kind of grosss, I know, but honestly, he sweats at the drop of a hat AND he uses it as an excuse. Like the other night he was doing the dishes (for like five minutes) and claimed he had to take a break because he was sweating so bad and was getting tired and hot. Here he is holding the backpack away from his back because it was making him sweaty. I finally took the backpack from him for awhile. Imagine a 7 month pregnant woman wearing a backpack, holding the hand of a very big strong man...Jeff only let me carry it for about five minutes and then he was either too embarrassed or felt too bad. Really, it was very light and not a big deal, but he has to be the man!
This was my favorite animal...a six month old baby boy elephant named Buddy. He was darling!
Jeff and me and the baby! He sure moved around all day. He does this thing where he kicks his legs out as far as he can and they poke out on the side of my belly. He did it all day! Is it possible to diagnose your child with ADD before he is even born?
Notice they are both laying the exact same way!
Garrett, Amanda, and Will.
I think this is the best pic I've ever taken and it's of a snake! I just love the colors!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Scooter Stolen...???

Jeff and I had a very exciting day yesterday...something finally happened in our life that isn't mundane, although I would have been fine if it hadn't ever happened. Anyway, yesterday evening I finally got home after a looooooonnnggg day with me being grouchy because I had been stuck in traffic for over an hour and got lost and had no idea where I was. Just as I pulled in, Jeff was dropped off by a friend.

Oh, I have to back up...a couple days ago Jeff's scooter broke down. It won't turn over and start. We were lucky enough to be able to get it home. It died when we got it home and we haven't been able to start it since. I called around to some different places to see if we could have someone look at it and all I found out is that we purchased a piece of junk and no one wanted to work on it because it was the worst scooter you could ever buy and very poor quality (why didn't someone tell us this before we bought it!?!?). Anyway, I finally found one guy who said he would just LOOK at it, but didn't know that he would fix it or be able to help us out.

Soooooo, then last night when I drove in, I parked the car and noticed the scooter wasn't where it was parked the last couple nights...My first thought was that Jeff had gotten it started and driven it around the block and just parked it somewhere else. But he hadn't. The scooter was gone. I looked for it and Jeff looked for it and it wasn't in its parking spot. Someone had stolen it! I freaked out (did I mention that I was already having a bad day?) and started bawling. So Jeff called the police department and reported it stolen and called the insurance company to see if our policy covered didn't and the police man that stopped by said they almost never recover stolen scooters. The only satisfaction I had was that whoever decided to heist our scooter stole a broken piece of junk that we were talking about selling anyway. It would have just been nice to get some of the money out of it to put towards another better quality scooter or Jeff's dream--a motorcycle--or even a tiny car.

Now here is the "funny" part. When we were in the apartment, right after realizing the scooter was stolen, I had the thought that I needed to go back out there and look again. So, I kind of followed the prompting and told Jeff to go out there and look again. He did and came back confirming that it was really gone. So I dismissed the thought and went back to being mad. We were supposed to go over to Doug and Roz's for dinner and to hang out and so we did just to get our minds off of it.

When we got home last night, we parked about in the same spot we had parked the scooter a couple night previous. There was another white car that had been parked way over by the dumpsters and I thought I saw something through the back windows. I walked over to the other side of the white car and sure enough, there was the scooter--OUR SCOOTER! Hidden behind the car and the dumpsters! Now, I don't know if someone decided to steal it or if they just wanted a parking spot so they moved our scooter out of the way to make way for their car. Either way, I couldn't believe it! The funny thing is that both Jeff and I had seen this weird shadow through the windows of the white car before and neither of us had been proactive enough to actually go check it out. Soooo, we have our scooter back! Even though it is a pile of garbage, I am still grateful we still have it so we can get something out of it in order to buy a new one. I will just feel bad selling it to someone knowing it is apparently the worst scooter ever made!

Anyone want to buy a scooter?