Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who laughs when they get peed on? ME!

I decided I needed to write something on here. I always get on with the intention of writing but inevitably something comes up and I get distracted or I just can't think of anything to share. However, today I have something to share. I guess kids provide you with a wealth of things to share on a daily basis, especially as they get into the terrible twos, which maddox is thoroughly enjoying. Yesterday evening I was changing Maddox's diaper to get him ready for bed when I noticed him pause from his normal squirming. I looked at him and he got this huge grin on his face, started giggling, and then it hit me, literally...on the leg, on the arm, on my pants, on the carpet, all over him. He peed on me. He planned it out and thought it was hilarious and did it on purpose! I was so taken aback that I didn't know what to say and then I started laughing, but stopped that as soon as I realized I need to be a parent right now and tell him that is not appropriate, so I did, holding back the laughing, then turned my head and smiled and chuckled a litle bit and notice Jeff had turned his head and we also laughing. Why did I think it was funny that my kid peed on me? No idea. My only reasoning is that he is just so darn cute and he really did it to be funny. I think he gets his sense of humor from Jeff, although I have been known to seran wrap the toilet on April Fools.

Memorial Weekend

Over Memorial weekend we decided to go for a hike at a nearby nature sanctuary, Raven Run. Well, actually it was more of a leisurly fifteen minute stroll on the handicap sidewalk. But it was still a ton of fun! The company was great. The weather was scortching and humid. The bugs were in heaven and we were too!

Here is Maddox with his "BIG stick." The kids really had a great time collecting sticks and kept trying to find bigger ones than the last. Well, when William tried to pick up a log we quickly changed focus to Dairy Queen when we were done. Embree and me.

Don't be fooled by that back pack Jeff has on. There is nothing in it. Neither Maddox or Matthew wanted anything to do with it. They did a pretty good job wearing themselves out running.

And here is a random picture of Embree. Almost crawling!