Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to You!

It was Jeff's birthday over the weekend. He turned 29, although my family all thought he turned 30 this year. My sister, for some reason, was under that impression and spread the word. It was funny. Here is a picture of Jeff blowing the candles out on his cake. He made it himself, with a little help from Nate and Mallory, who showed him how to make fondant frosting. If you didn't know, Jeff loves baking and says if dentistry fails him, he will open up a bakery shop instead. I told him he better start developing some recipes...Not that he is going to fail at dentistry at all. It is just that we graduate in one month and still don't have a job! AHHHH!!! We do have prospects though and so know something will work out, but just don't know which one or where or when. Anyway, back to his birthday, we celebrate birth weeks in our house. This is a newly declared tradition as of Jeff's first birthday after we were married. He kept getting presents in the mail from family and friends and had two birthday cakes and decided he really liked having a week long birthday, so now we do birth weeks and the final day being your actual birthday. This means you get special treatment throughout the week, like a happy birthday sign, special breakfasts, naps, treats, bike riding time, nintendo time, or in Jeff's case, time to make his own birthday cake! And here it is! The famous cake! Can you tell what it is? Jeff and Nate even went as far as numbering the tooth and creating the specific tooth grooves. It is a molar of some sort, but I am unsure as to the exact one. The pink is for the gums, although Maddox thought it was for him, his favorite color being pink. The other day we went shopping for sandals for spring and when he got out of the car he declared, "Mommy, I want pink sandals!" I told him to see what they have first. Maybe red. When we got in the store and I was looking at Embree's sandals, he wandered down to the bigger girl shoes and found some all pink sandals and tried to put them on, declaring this is what he wanted. I told him they were too small...all the pink ones were too small and redirected him to the ugly brown ones for boys on the next isle. Silly boy!