Sunday, February 6, 2011

Maddox Update

Maddox is three now and weighs in around 34 lbs., give or take a pound of two. His head is still basically off the charts, but his body is catching up. He loves to use his imagination more. Above is a picture of him buildling a lawnmower, which we finally figured out is a sprinkler. He kept pretending to shoot us with water.

He loves the park and riding his bike.

And this one is crooked, but you get the idea. Silly boy.

Here he is with his beloved drains. He LOVES drains and says he wants to fix them when he grows up. So now we have taught him to say he wants to be a plumber when he grows up. He also loves trains, so maybe we should focus on him being a train conductor.
He also tells jokes now. His first one went something like this: I had just told him I loved him. Jeff then asked him, "Maddox, do you love Daddy?" Maddox: No, Mommy! "Maddox, do you love Embree?" Maddox: No, Mommy! (Pause) Just kidding!

And here he is eating sprinkles. He puts them in anything we let him, especially pancakes!

He is growing up so quickly, but still loves to snuggle once in awhile. He is very smart and a very good big brother, as long as he gets all the cars and toys and you don't try to tell him he has to share. We love him so much and feel blessed to have him in our lives.

Embree Update

They both love to swing...mainly Maddox likes to swing, but I have to put Embree in the swing too. Otherwise she eats bark chips and leaves and rocks.

Embree is now 14 months old. She barely weighs in at 20 lbs. 6 oz. and is fairly tall for her age. She loves shoes, jewelry, makeup, hair bands, and especially animals. Animal anything and you have her attention. She would sit in my lap for hours reading books about animals and she carries these plastic animals around almost everywhere. Her favorite is a dog or a horse. When she sees a dog she will proclaim, "Bumble!" which is the name of my dad's dog...It came with that name. Not the coolest, but she can say it and she loves that dog!

She loves climbing and at any given moment I can usually find her on the kitchen table or in something, whether it be a pot, a box, or the dryer. She still LOVES her bottle and still wakes up once a night to eat...which is way better than the three or four she was doing just a month ago. She has been a difficult baby but sure is fun to have around and we love her so much. She is loved by everyone everywhere she goes, even if they think she is a boy, which we get almost weekly as her hair is still fairly thin.

This is her favorite thing to do, after I have gotten her ready for the day. While I get ready in the morning and do my make up, she will sit in the sink and play. Then I will get her ready for the day again...

For Christmas Embree got this rocking horse from my sister and a toothbrush and toothpaste. She carried them around all morning and still will throw a fit if she sees you brushing your teeth and she doesn't get to brush hers. Really she just likes to eat the toothpaste.

Christmas morning Embree found Santa's left over frosted sugar cookies and chowed down.