Tuesday, October 12, 2010

September in our lives

I always hate it when people do really big long posts with a bunch of pictures that have no relation to each other, but here I am doing one, although I will argue that my pictures do have some relation to each other....they are all from the month of September 2010!

During this month, Jeff decided to try out rock climbing. He loved it!

As a mom, I am still figuring out how to balance my time. There are so many things to do and prioritizing is something I have yet to master. Hence, the next two pictures of Maddox. I was doing the dishes in the kitchen and I noticed how quiet the kids were, which is usual, so I peeked my head in and noticed Maddox had gotten out several opened boxes of baby rice cereal and was making it snow all over his trains. I caught him in the act right when he started, but instead of stopping him, I thought, "Well, I can either stop him and make him clean up the mess or I can let him finish his mess making, giving me enough time to finish the dishes, and then make him clean up his mess, which would be a little bigger, but a mess all the same. I let him finish making his mess...Do you ever do that? Perhaps it is bad parenting, but sometimes i just need a break to get some things done, even if it means more work for me (and him) in the future. Still figuring out how to prioritize!
Here he is cleaning up his mess and doing a great job too!
Here he is after I put a stop to the mess making, which I did.

Embree is into everything. The following picture is why I let Maddox continue to make his mess, so I could get the dishes in before she attacked. When she hears the dishwasher door open, she will come running!
She loves to climb into everything and on everything. Her newest favorite is this tub, which she will spend quite a bit of time in each day, just hanging out.

She also really likes the fridge and strawberries in particular. If I cut them up and give them to her in her high chair, she won't eat them, but if I leave them in the fridge in the container and she gets them out herself and eats them whole, she loves them. Very independent.

Maddox getting ready for school, which is really enjoys. It is fun to hear him come home and try to tell me all about what he did. Each time I ask him what his favorite thing was and he says, "Rings." I have no idea what that is, but he loves it!

A couple weeks ago Maddox was spinning to get himself dizzy and fell and hit his head on the piano bench. It split open. We took him to Doug to get checked out and he got a few bandages, but no stitches.

A close up right after it happened and was washed off.
We went apple picking this year again...our last year...it was so much fun.
In preparation for school, Maddox and I read a book called The Kissing Hand. It is about a little raccoom who goes to school for the first time and is scared so his mom kisses his hand and tells him it is his kissing hand and that his mommy's kiss will go with him to school. There were stickers with it. He loves stickers right now and he loves the Kissing Hand.
You can't see it too well, but Embree has a nice shiner here. She somehow got it...still no idea how. Probably something to do with Maddox and his bike cuz he was riding it around the house. I think the bike pedal hit her eye. Anyway, she got sick while she had the black eye and so I took her to the doctor. Of course, they asked me if she is around anyone who might have reason to hit her. I said no, but was thinking, "Maddox." She is always making him mad and taking his toys.
My sister made these cute headbands for Embree when we were out in MT. She won't wear anything on her head right now, so Maddox has taken a liking to them. He really likes the pink one....big surprise!Here is Jeff and the kids after they spent a whole afternoon playing nintendo and beat super mario wii, mainly it was him and Garrett, but we all watched!
We also played outside for a bit and ran throught the sprinklers. Amanda was so nice to take Embree into the water. Embree loved it!

Maddox and Matthew love to jump on Maddox's fire engine bed. They climb on top and take turns jumping.