Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photo Shoot

This past weekend we went up to Indianapolis to visit Jeff's parents. Randy, Jeff's dad, slicked back Maddox's hair into missionary mode and helped him pose in these various shots. What a great idea! And Maddox was all smiles for it! When Maddox was first born he had sucked in his lower lip. We seriously thought he had no lower lip and he still sucks on it when he gets really tired, but you can see here his lower lip has Bird potential. Translation: He may have the classic Bird lips, nice and big and pouty.

He Slept Through the Night!

Yeah! Last night Maddox slept straight through the night from 6:15 p.m.-6:45 a.m.! It was wonderful, even though I woke up three times to make sure he was still breathing. Life is beautiful!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Favorite Pics from May

Isn't it so sweet when babies fall asleep on you? Maddox almost never falls asleep easily. He hates sleeping and fights it. Here we captured a rare moment when he fell asleep with Jeff. Maddox loves playing with his daddy. It is fun to see Maddox light up when Jeff walks in from school. If he was grouchy with me, he forgets about it and gives Jeff huge grins and smiles. They usually play while I make dinner. One of Jeff and Maddox's favorite things to do is airplane. They fly all around the house and even into the kitchen to visit me once in awhile...until Daddy's arms get tired.
Cousin Matthew is about 5 weeks older than Maddox and much more mobile. It is amazing how much grown can happen in just a month. Here is Matthew playing with Maddox the Blob.

Maddox loves his jumparoo and finally figured out how to bounce instead of prance. Notice how Jeff does his hair. He tries to spike it up, but lately it is getting so long that is falls down, so now how do you like his toupee? (spelling?)
I brought Maddox in one morning to wake up Jeff. He was still waking up himself and just layed there. Isn't he getting to long? I love his rolls and chubbiness...Maddox's, that is.
Note: He finally found his feet! We thought it might not ever happen because his extra large tummy was in the way, but he can now suck on his toes!
Maddox loves to stand up. He can't take any steps yet, but he likes to jump up and down (with help).
Because Maddox hates sleeping and he fights it, his eyes often get tired and he rubs them. This month we had another visit to the doctor because he scratched his left cornea with his fingernail while rubbing them. Here you can see how red his eyes get. As a side note, Maddox sleeps great after he is asleep, but it is getting him to sleep and keeping him to sleep that is tricky. He is a light sleeper, but I think I finally found the solution...sleeping him on his tummy! I was really nervous at first, but now that he rolls himself over onto his tummy by himself and back again, I feel okay about it.
Just a cute shot with his teething ring. Still no teeth!
Yummy food! He loves his oatmeal and rice cereal! He gets really excited when I put him in his high chair. His mouth opens right up and he eats all his food in minutes.
Drooling baby boy! This is actually one of the first times Maddox sat up all by himself and now he is a pro!
Just a cute picture of my beautiful baby boy whom I love oh so much!
And to end it, Maddox was tagged, so here are some random facts about him!
3 Joys
1. Milk mustaches
2. Being naked
3. Playing with Daddy
3 Fears
1. Strangers
2. Getting my fingernails clipped (Mommy and Daddy have made me bleed a couple times)
3. Ummm, that is all I am scared of right now
3 Goals
1. Sit up by myself
2. Eat my vegetables everyday
3. Gain 2 pounds
3 current obsessions/collections
1. Mommy
2. Toys!!!
3. Dirty diapers
3 Random surprising facts
1. I like to eat my mom's hair
2. I have a bump on my ear just like my daddy
3. I have cellulite on my bum just like my mom!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Nothing Much Going On

I never have time to blog anymore...mainly I feel guilty for not spending time with Maddox. He will seriously just sit there in his jumparoo and look at me the whole time I am sitting at the computer, batting his eyes and smiling whenever I do look at him and I can't just leave him there when he does that, so I usually get him out and he will sit on my lap when I am at the computer. This doesn't work either...he likes to reach and touch everything, especially the keyboard, which is why the words on our screen are gigantic now. He did something to the screen and now you can read everything from across the room. Anyone know how to fix that one? And then when he is sleeping I am either sleeping or getting ready for the day or picking up/cleaning or reading my scriptures, etc. The list goes on.

Anyway, not much to report on here. Maddox is pretty much our lives...and dental school for Jeff, which is going well. His classes are winding down. Only a couple more weeks and then for the whole month of June he has only one class three days a week. Yeah! I am just hanging out with Maddox at home most days so Jeff can take the car to save gas. His scooter still isn't running...not sure what to do about that one. Hopefully in June he will have more time to figure it out cuz it gets boring staying home all day. Maddox and I try to go out for morning jogs...I am trying to run about 3 miles a day and lift a couple weights and do situps. Hopefully I can keep it up, although I usually gain weight when I work out instead of lose it. Funny how my pants fit better when I am not working out. When I start running my muscle mass builds up quickly and my thighs swell up to manly proportions. They fit around my waist but I am lucky if I can get my pants past my thighs!

Maddox is growing so quickly! He likes to snuggle a lot and is learning how to sit up by himself right now. We are also working on standing holding on to something but usually he just plops right back down onto his bum. He can roll over from back to stomach but somewhere along the way lost his ability to roll from stomach to back. He also really likes to give kisses, or that is what we call them. If you hold him so his face is facing your face, he will grab your hair/ear/cheek/neck with both hands and pull you to him and then he will slobber all over your cheek/chin/nose, etc. He laughs when you play peek a boo with him and is finally off of all his acid reflux medicine. We still let him sleep propped up, but that will be the next thing to go. :)

I will try to post some pics soon...our camera ran out of batteries though so I need to replace them in order to download all the new pics. A goal for this weekend!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Maddox During Nap Time

The past couple days Maddox has become so much more alert and aware of his surroundings. He is realizing he has some control over his world and it is amazing. When I lay him in his crib to go to sleep, he has started spending about 15-20 minutes playing by himself before dozing off. I used to keep some toys in there to hand to him and calm him down when he was crying hysterically, but now he can actually reach over for the toys and pick them up. He also plays with the Blood Pressure Monitor box we have in there to keep him propped up, his blanket, and the crib bumper pad pictures he will fiddle with. Anyway, here he is in one of his playing sessions, having a great time. You can't see it, but about 30 seconds into this he finds a toy that was laying next to him, picks it up and starts to go nuts. It is so cute!

His First Hickey (sp?)

I was playing with Maddox the other day when I noticed something on his arm that was purple. At first I thought, oh no, another thing we have to take him to the doctor for. Right now he has a scratched cornea from rubbing his eyes too much. He has the habit of rubbing them when I am nursing him and he is going to sleep and his fingernail somehow nicked his eye so we are putting ointment in it four times a day. Lovely, yes. And no, he does not like it and yes he is strong.

Then it hit me. Maddox also sucks his arm vigorously when he goes to sleep. Yes, his arm. He especially loves his right arm. He will actually hold his right arm with his left hand and suck. Lately he has sucked so hard that he had been giving himself hickies! Too funny.