Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We visited a local pumpkin patch the other day with Matthew and Roz. Maddox had no idea what a pumpkin what, but got excited really fast when he realized he was supposed to be excited. Even though he wasn't feeling too well, he still had fun!Looking for a pumpkin!
He picked like three pumpkins but this is the one he eventually stuck with and it was the dirtiest. I have to say we did not carve his pumpkin. We ate it instead! In fact, I am eating it as we speak! I made pumpkin bars for Jeff and me. They turned out so yummy and I didn't blow up the kitchen...I only almost did! I softened the pumpkin in the microwave and it overheated and started smelling REALLY bad. Wups! I have to say that is the only time I have ever had anything dangerous happen in the kitchen.

Then when I made the frosting for the pumpkin bars Maddox decided to help. He had never licked a beater, so I gave him one and he went to town! He LOVED the cream cheese frosting and has been asking for it ever since he tried it, carrying around the beaters, which I finally consented to making frosting yesterday morning for breakfast...I would like to note that he first ate oatmeal for breakfast AND it was Halloween, so it is officially a sugar day, right? I couldn't get the picture to move, so the first picture of his eating frosting is when we made it for breakfast.
Playing in the dirt.

The wagon ride.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Long Overdue Update

One night for FHE we made a firetruck with Maddox. I forgot to get a finished product picture, but it turned out awesome! Lowe's does a craft every other Saturday for free for kids. We got this from them. Maddox is really into hammering right now, so it was perfect!And here he is with his fire truck hat he got there. He wears it backwards and loves it!
And I thought I should throw one of these in. I haven't taken many but here I am with two months to go. I am quite a big bigger now and got my first stretch mark. Kind of sad, but oh well. I figured it would happen one of these days. It is still small though so I am crossing my fingers.

Jeff and I are still deciding on a name. We like Embree, Aspen, and Paisley, but are leaning toward Embree.
And here is the series of Maddox's new favorite thing to do...He is doing it right now-watch Baby Einstein!

Curled up in his favorite blanket, laying on his other favorite blanket, watching more Baby Einstein. He won't watch anything else, which I am fine with and calls it his "move."

We tried to let him sleep in his toddler bed for a few nights. He did okay but realized quickly he could get out and that was the end of him sleeping and taking naps! After a few sleep deprived days for him and me, I put him back in his crib for now. I think the baby will actually sleep in his toddler bed for awhile.
Cars, cars, cars! He loves cars! Vroom, vroom is the sound he makes when he plays. Here we are with a ramp built for them. I am not allowed to play or touch them, just hold the ramps. Otherwise he gets really mad. He hoards those cars and can hold up to four per hand! Just dollar store cars but he doesn't know the difference.
Here he is driving his car around the house.

Lexington had a free day for kids at the horse park with free pony rides. Maddox didn't know what to think but we loved it!