Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Latest Hobby

Throwing up. I am pregnant again and about 12 weeks along :)

Jeff's Latest Hobby

Since graduation from dental school Jeff has taken up some hobbies, such as wood working, cake making, photography and crashing cars. Just kidding. Getting rear ended by semi trucks is not his latest hobby. Although this did really happen, he is not making it a habit. Before leaving Kentucky Jeff visited some dear and close friends, whom we dearly miss, to learn how to carve wood. This is something he has expressed a desire to do before we were even married. He made several pens, which do actually work, and a candlestick.

He has also taken up cake decorating. He made a pig birthday cake for our nephew Talis in June. This was one of the simplest cakes he has made and also one of the cutest. He also made a big bad wolf cake for our nephew Jett, but I don't have that picture uploaded yet. It turned out cute too and I actually made the pig and the wolf! It was fun. Jeff totally doubted my cake making skills when I began making the houses of straw, brick and sticks and if you could see the cake you would totally agree. They are very ugly and not to scale at all. In fact, there was hardly any room for the wolf on the cake. Oh well.

He also made a Spongebob cake before we left Kentucky for one of Maddox's good friends, Kale.

And he made a graduation cake for Doug, which I haven't seen pics of as Jeff forgot our camera. And this is his second and I think his best creation. It took him literally a day and a half to make. This was for our nephew Garrett's birthday.

Last Days in Kentucky

Our last few weeks in Kentucky were full of excitement and celebration and goodbyes and tears...and strep throat, which we didn't find out about until we were in Montana. It was one of the best places I have ever lived and most of that was definitely not due to the incredibly hot and humid summers or bone chilling cold and brown winters...It was one of the best places I have ever lived due to the people. We lived near family and friends that I will never forget and hope to never lose contact with. And Jeff graduated from dental school! Yeah!