Friday, March 26, 2010

Huge (and I mean HUGE) picture post

After quite a few months of no pictures I finally took the time to figure out our new camera and download three months worth of pictures. Here are the first two months...Yes, that means more to come later. The first is just a sneak peek at Embree and how she looked almost a month ago! Crazy how time flies. Here she is probably almost three months old and now she is four months old and going to have her first taste of rice cereal tomorrow!
My dad came to visit for a couple weeks. While he was here he bought Maddox this awesome bike that he loves. I couldn't believe it when he actually started pedaling away after a few minutes of instruction. I hate to admit it but I almost started crying...My baby is not a baby anymore! He can ride a bike! Poor Maddox. It is just a sign of things to come. I am going to be just like my mom, a cry baby, and I hated that she cried when I grew up. Now I will do it to my own kids! Oh well.Family picture before my dad left.
While my dad visited he bought some ice cream for us, a real treat, as you can tell from Maddox's reaction to it
Sorry this one is upside down, but you get the idea. Remind anyone of a Christmas Story?
What an awesome Daddy! All of them sick on the couch...
Here is an up close picture of Maddox after a couple days of a runny nose and wiping his nose on his sleeve. Yes, I am a bad mom I guess. Honestly I got tired of him crying every two seconds that I wiped his nose with a Kleenex so I let him use his sleeve and just changed his shirt several times a day. Life was a lot easier after that.
Maddox LOVES the camera. Here he is taking a picure of himself.
First play in the snow. He loves to make snowballs. The hat he is wearing belonged to my dad's Uncle Melvin, who passed away a couple years ago. It is fun to me that he loves this hat. I am glad too cuz it is the only one that will fit his giant head!
Just thought this pic was funny. When Maddox was a baby and was supposed to use the Bumbo he couldn't because his legs were too chunky and now it fits him just fine!
Maddox and Embree doing some tummy time.
Yummy! Cupcakes. Did I mention Maddox loves frosting? I think that is the second or third time he frosted the same cupcake.
When Jeff and I aren't busy being super duper cool parents, we do super duper cool things, like build this block tower out of Maddox's blocks. This is Jeff's Friday night creation!
Aren't they both so cute?
Along with Maddox's favorite color being pink, he also loves to have tea parties, which have actually turned out to be a great opportunity to teach table manners and how to set a table.
This one is funny. Recently Maddox has fell in love with sprinkles. One time I suggested he put sprinkles on a pancake and now he wants to eat all his food with sprinkles. He even wants to sleep with them, which I will never let him do again. Note the half empty sprinkle bottle and the sprinkles glued to his head and hand. He was literally covered in sprinkles or sprinkle dye.
After a tea party he decided to use the utensils...all of eat his lunch.
Embree's baby blessing
I love this picture. Maddox playing the piano with Grandma Bird.