Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Little Big Boy

We went garage saling last Saturday and found this awesome bed! The lady gave it to us for just $25, down from $45 because she said Maddox just had to have it and he loves long as he doesn't have to sleep in it for real. He will do all the pretend sleeping you want and loves to climb on it and read books, but whenever we lay him down, he always climbs out and comes to visit us in the living room with a huge grin on his face. We will have to work on that one...Any ideas?

And last but not least, our little boy can't be a true big boy without Batman pajamas, cape and all. He has no idea about any of it, but we think he is just too cute. Of course, with his recent issue with hitting, kicking, and throwing things at people/kids, we probably shouldn't encourage him with any superhero kind of stuff.

Speaking of kicking and hitting, Jeff and I have made it a point to attend nursery each Sunday to protect the other kids from him...the bully. There is a play kitchen in there that the kids love to play with and crawl through, from the oven to the other side where there are cabinet doors that open up. Maddox has recently made it a habit to stand in front of those doors and kick the kids in the face as they attempt to crawl through. I promise we did not teach him these things and we have tried a million consistent time outs to no avail. Now we are just trying to ignore the behavior and distract him and this seems to be helping out a bit. Little stinker, but still cute and we still love him!

Uncle Brian

A couple weeks ago my brother left to go back home to MT and then down to school in Utah at UVU this fall. He came to stay with us right after Christmas and so Maddox grew quite attached to having him around, as did I...and even Jeff will say he misses having someone to make fun of and make play Ticket to Ride. We really enjoyed the time we had with Brian and wish it didn't end so soon, although he might say otherwise. There were times we were pretty hard on him but most of the time we really enjoyed having him around, so we thought he deserved a little present of remembrance for his time served here in Kentucky.FYI: Maddox does have a diaper on in this photo.
While out here, Brian started out working two jobs and finished playing Legion baseball for a team in Danville, KY. He did awesome and the team took second in state. Here he is right after a game he pitched at won down in Knoxville, TN.

We love you Brian and will miss you!

Rock n' Roll!

I know we probably shouldn't let him dance on the table but when he dances like this it is just too cute!