Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I am back...again (to maybe being a bit stylish)

I finally got to go shopping after way way way too long (like since before Jeff and I got married).  One of my best friends from college came to visit and took me as I am so out of the loop.  She just threw stuff at me and I tried it on and now have a new style and all for $145.  Thanks Maria! Four pairs of pants and one capris.  Five new shirts and two tie shirts like I have on in this pic.  And a pair of shoes.  I can't tell you amazing it feels to put on nice clothes.  I have so missed being stylish and now I feel it just a bit again.  Plus, it is all geared for my body right now, which sports some really annoying junk in the front of my trunk, all due to having my three lovely children, and hides it very well.  Now i just need to work on doing my hair again, which will probably continue to suffer for a while longer until my kids are a bit older.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Fun

 This is a bit of what our summer days are like...Playing outside with squirt guns and eating popsicles.  Even Elynn got in on this one.  Funny how by my third I don't care too much if she eats something a bit sweet.

We also run through the sprinkler, which helps water the lawn a bit and the garden, which the kids have absolutely loved having.  It has helped them eat their veggies more willingly.  We have peas, corn, tomatoes and basil.  Not much, but it's a start!  Here is a great pic of Embree's personality showing through...always doing something silly.  I believe this was right before she pooped on the swingset.
 We also jump on the tramp and put the sprinkler under the tramp a lot, which is why our grass here is so long!  The kids like to pretend to sunbathe when they get cold.
 We also participate in the local summer program for kids. Every Thursday there is a different activity.  This is a pic of Embree with her bug (a grasshopper) for the bug race.  Both the kids are obsessed with catching bugs right now.  Ear wigs, grasshoppers, and ants.
 This is a neat pic of a forest fire on the hill across from our house.  We could see the flames it was so big.  Very neat.  My dad fights these fires flying helicopters all summer.
 Embree is really into rocks and pretty buttons.  Here is her collection she keeps on the front porch.  We paint them sometimes too. 
 Last Saturday Jeff took the kids to a classic car show and ice cream.  They had a great time.
And here is sweet little Elynn, stuck at home with Mommy.  I was sick and Elynn was having a bad day from teething.
 We also discovered a local miniature golf course at the KOA.  It is actually pretty nice.  Maddox and Embree won a free round of golf from the summer readingn program here, so we decided to try it out.  And seriously it is awesome at the KOA here.  They have lots you can but and they will put in an outdoor kitchen for you.  It is awesome.  This is a pic of Maddox and his cousin, Jett.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

We Are Back

It has been awhile since I last posted, but I have a couple excuses, first being that the website would not let me post.  Second is that I am so busy with another baby!  Here are a couple family pics we just had done. 

Elynn Cecelia Bird was born January 27, 2012.  She was 7 lb. 3 oz. and 21 in. long.  I was induced with her at exactly 39 weeks.  I had not been feeling her move very much and something just didn't feel right.  When I went in for my appointment the doctor said she could break my water and induce me so I walked upstairs and started labor!  It was great and I am glad I did.  The cord was wrapped around her neck twice and I was low on fluid.  She is my only blue eyed baby and the sweetest, easiest, most chubby baby ever!  She is six months old and almost 19 lb.  I feel so blessed to have a "dud" for a baby finally!  She loves Maddox and is scared of Embree.  She is rolling all over the place and can sit with assistance.  Very far from Embree who was already crawling at six months and walking with push-along toys seven months.
 We live in Polson, Montana now and LOVE it!  Both Jeff and I are competing in triathlons now.  We just finished one in Missoula and Jeff and I are doing a full tri in a couple weeks.  Only I am cheating and doing a team.  My body just isn't quite ready for something so strenuous.  The kids love swimming in the lake, which is just down the hill from us and just playing.

 Maddox is a big boy now.  He is as big as his six year old friends, but is only four.  I have to keep reminding myself that he is still a little boy or a big toddler.   He loves riding his bike and jumping on the tramp and is learning to read.  Oh, and he is obsessed with the old school Super Mario Nintendo.
 Embree is a spitfire.  This is a perfect picture of her.  Very stubborn.  Wants to do everything by herself that I want to help her with and wants me to help her with everything I don't want to.  But she can be the sweetest girl too and loves to pretend she is a mom with her baby dolls. She keeps things exciting and is helping me realize I have a lot of growing to do.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012