Monday, December 31, 2007

Natural Bridge State Park

My mom, dad, and brother are in town for the week of Christmas and New Year's. My dad is a big outdoorsman, so we took a short jaunt (sp?) to eastern Kentucky to Natural Bridge State Park. We did a short hike to the natural bridge. It was well worth it, as tired and out of shape as I am. Jeff carried Maddox in our handy dandy baby bjorn and he (Maddox) did great, save pooping the whole way up and down. When his diaper was changed finally at the end of the mile long hike, he had blown out his diaper up his back and all the way down his legs. Gross!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Maddox and his cousin Matthew, who is just five weeks older than him. Maddox is on the left...notice the difference in head size. Matthew and Maddox again...Maddox is the baby at the bottom of the picture.
Uncle Brian and Maddox. Brian, my brother, is the professional burper. He is the only one who seems to be able to get Maddox to burp well.
Grandpa (my dad) and Maddox.
The whole family (minus my sister and her husband) right after Maddox's baby blessing, which was amazing!

After a bout of mastitis, which is an infection caused from nursing (not fun AT ALL), I am finally back up and able to function semi-normally. I don't think I will ever be quite normal again as I have another person to take care of now who drains me of any extra energy I might have...But I still love being a mom!

Maddox continues to grow at an amazingly fast rate. A couple weeks ago the doctors weighed him at 8 lb. 6 oz., up from 8 lb. in just TWO DAYS! Then I had another appointment for him one week later. They weighed him again and said he had only gained one ounce, so they weighed him again on another scale and that one said he weighed only 7 lb. 9 oz.! I couldn't believe it because he eats so much and that made me nervous that there really may be something wrong with him and he wasn't "thriving." So they made an appointment for two days later for a weight check and told me I had to feed him every two hours on the dot. You would think that after all my experiences with doctors (if you know my past) I wouldn't have believed their concern or what they said he weighed, but I did...only to find out that their scales were off and he was actually 8 lb. 10 oz and just fine and dandy. In fact, today at church several people couldn't believe he was only three weeks old because he is so big, especially his head, which several people asked if it was off the charts. Nope, it is just really big! Anyway, here are some pics of the past week and our little baby boy!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

One Cute Little Boy

We got this cool swaddling thing from a works great except Maddox is already too big for it, plus he hates having his arms tied down. If you notice, in most every picture we ever take of him, his hands are up above his head.
Sleeping...notice the arms and hands
Here he is sleeping again...notice the arm again. Silly boy.
Here he is staring at the Christmas lights. He LOVES them! He will stare at them for hours...or just however long he is awake. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

His First Bath

Last Wednesday Maddox's umbilical cord fell off so the first thing we did was bathe him! It was pretty bad timing though because he was starving and crying before we even started. I do think he would have enjoyed it if this wasn't the case. I will let you know next time though!

Afterwards, Maddox peed through his clothes all over me...I guess I deserved it making him bathe before eating. :)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Five things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Leaving love notes in boys lockers who I had crushes on
2. Hanging up posters of Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT) all over my room
3. Started getting into a running and working out everyday streak
4. Started dancing on a swing dance team
5. Playing volleyball in school and loving it!

Five things on my "to do list" today:
1. Today is Sunday, so take a third nap... (I am still recovering from delivery)
2. Eat dinner (not is my last meal being brought it AND we loved it!)
3. Change poopy diapers
4. Feed Maddox
5. Watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Open up some kind of savings fund for the majority of it
2. Pay off debts
3. Move out of our apartment into a home
4. Buy a car for Jeff to go to school so I don't have to take him everyday
5. Give to another person or persons

Five things I will never wear again:
1. Tapered pants
2. Lion headbands (Jeff knows what I am talking about...with my curly hair I look like a lion)
3. Real underwear (sigh...)
4. Probably some of the clothes I wore before I was pregnant :)
5. Can't think of anything else

Five of my favorite toys:
1. Food processor
2. Photoshop
3. Computer
4. Maddox
5. TV channel changer

Friday, December 14, 2007

First Week of Life

Isn't he so cute! I am definitely going to post way too many pics :). Stretch! His arms are ALWAYS above his head. He doesn't like to be all bundled up for long.
A close up of his chubbiness. Wednesday he was released from the hopital weighing 8 lbs, his birth weight and today at the doctor he weighed in at 8 lbs. 6 oz.! In just two days he gained 6 oz.! He is one chunky baby but we love him.
Daddy and son watching tv. I usually feed Maddox and then Jeff holds him like this to burp him and put him to sleep. So cute! I love them both so much!

Here is Jeff holding Maddox when he was in the hospital. Jeff was the strong one and stayed right with him. You can also see how bad he had newborn rash. Tired is all I have to say about our first week with Maddox. Those hospital beds stink!
Me without a shower in two days...
Maddox's Zoolander face. Jeff is teaching him well!
Maddox with all his wires and IV in. He is such a trooper.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What a Week!

First off, for an update of Maddox, we are changing his name to Jeffrey Maddox Bird...mainly because I decided I liked it better than Maddox Jeffrey Bird. It just flows better and to me he is a little Jeffrey, so I may just call him that. Afterall, I am the mom! It will be a hassle, but after actually getting a bit of sleep, it just feels better and you can't argue with that.

Second, I posted so quickly last time that I forgot to tell about my labor and Maddox's stats. He was born weighing 8 lbs. and was 21 1/4 inches long, so he was one big baby, considering I only gained about 16 pounds total during pregnancy. I weighed myself the other day and I actually weigh less than my prepregnancy weight, which is probably due to my muscle loss and lack of lifting weights. Either way, he was MUCH BIGGER than expected, which is probably why it took me almost two hours to push him out. And then when he did come out, Jeff said his head just kept coming and coming and coming and then finally there was some body. :)

From start to finish, they broke my water at 10:00 a.m. I was already dilated to a 3, 80% effaced, and he was at a -2 station. They started me on pitocin at 1:00 p.m. because I had only progressed to a 4 and really still hadn't felt any contractions. They came soon after that and I got an epidural around 3:30 p.m. all by myself! Jeff still had school to go to and had left for a clerkship he had to attend. It ended up taking longer than expected so I braved the epidural and got it without him there to comfort me. My mom was also around, but I can't remember where she went at the time. By 6:00 p.m. I still was only at a 5, so they started talking about a c-section possibility and decided to up the pitocin every 15-30 minutes to see if that would progress me. It did and at 9:30 p.m. I started pushing...right when my epidural ran out! I felt everything and boy did it hurt. The whole time I was laboring throughout the day they had trouble keeping my blood pressure up. I kept almost passing out and getting dizzy and nauseous and threw up twice. While pushing, the anesthesiologist had to come and give me more stuff through my epidural and kept giving me epinephrine shots through my IV throughout the day so I wouldn't pass out.

Eventually Maddox was born. He came out crying and turned pink right away. He let out a couple cries and then stopped abruptly and started looking around at everything. He is the best baby ever and hardly ever cries and when he does it is so cute! His lower lip trembles and it is such a quiet, polite cry. He is very alert and awake and eats great and sleeps great and is so precious. I love him so much! Being a mom is so so so fun! I think I want 20 kids now!

Some other exciting news we had is that Maddox was admitted to the hospital on Monday and we just got home today. When I went in for my 2 day check up, the doctor (a resident--nice, but still a resident), said Maddox's heart rate dropped to 30 beats per minute, called the paramedics and whisked us both off to the emergency room. I was bawling uncontrollably, thinking my baby was going to die. The resident said NOTHING. I had no idea what was going on, just that it had something to do with his heart. I do get a bit upset when I think back to it now, that she didn't say anything to me when I am the parent and have all the right in the world to know what is going on with my son...even moreso than she.

Maddox was then hooked up to all kinds of machines, poked, prodded, given an IV, EKG's, echocardiograms, all kinds of blood tests, a catheter, to name a few. It was horrible and I had to leave because he was screaming. Jeff stayed with him the whole time and held him and talked to him. I am so grateful for a strong husband who was able to support our son through this whole experience. It was the most horrible think I have ever experienced in my life. However, the whole time I kept feeling like, "Why are we hear? He is fine." I have never felt such amazing peace in my life...I can only attribute it to a mother's instinct.

I won't go through all the details of what happened over the next couple days, but will say that we are home now and Maddox has been given a clean bill of health, although he will have to see a cardiologist for a follow up appointment in one month just to make sure he is thriving. They diagnosed him as being a healthy baby and sent us on our way. He does have a lower than normal heart rate, which drops as low as the 70's during sleeping periods, but it still falls within "normal" range for sleeping babies. Apparently awake babies heart rates can range anywhere from 100-200 bpm and sleeping babies can range anywhere from 60-110 bpm. Maddox is just very healthy and doesn't need his heart to beat as fast. They were very concerned that his heart rate could have dropped to 30, but the fact that he was sitting in my arms at the time naked and squirming around is very contradictory to his heart being that slow. It is more likely there was human error involved. The doctors still had to check it out, but said a baby would pass out or turn blue or something if his heart rate fell that low, as would any person, and Maddox showed absolutely no signs of failure to thrive and never has. He is already back up to his birth weight and eats like a pig and is more alert than most babies his age. He is very healthy and we are very very thankful for this knowledge. I will still probably be a bit paranoid, but I am just so grateful to have him home with us now. Thanks to all who knew what we were going through and offerred their support and love! We really appreciated it!

Here is a video of Maddox. It is kind of long and bumpy, but you will see just how cute he is and how good he is and why we love him so so much!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Introducing Maddox Jeffrey Bird

Maddox's cousin, baby Matthew, was born just one month ago and they have the same size head! Aren't they both so cute!? They are best friends!

The night before...

A couple minutes all over his face from doing the footprints.

Maddox has had really bad newborn rash, but is looking great now!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Baby on the way

I went to the doctor today and was VERY surprised to find out that I will be induced tomorrow morning at 6:00! Usually Medicaid doesn't induce early, but the doctor really doesn't like women to go past 41 weeks (I would have been 41 weeks on Sunday) and he works the next two days, so he got clearance from insurance to induce me early. This way my mom will be here and Jeff will still be able to take finals, which start on Friday.

Soooooo, we are having a baby tomorrow! I am 3 cm dilated, 80% effaced and the baby is at a -2 station. They will break my water and see if that puts me into labor, but if not I will start pitocin after a couple hours and Baby Bird will enter the world sometime on Thursday, December 6! I am predicting he will be 7 lbs. 8 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long and will be born tomorrow afternoon around 4 or 5:00 p.m. Jeff thinks he will be 15 lbs., just like he was when he was born. He was actually 9 or 10 lbs., but we will let him think he was born a muscle man. Crazy to think that next time I post I will be a mom and have a baby! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Two days overdue

So I am now two days overdue and have never experienced a contraction in any way, shape or form (that I know of). Tomorrow I go to the doctor again and hopefully will be given an induction date for sometime next MONDAY! I am doing fine. My mom is here and that helps to take my mind off of things. My emotions have leveled out and I am actually not uncomfortable and am savoring every minute I have left of my life with just Jeff and me. I don't think the baby will come until next week when I am induced, but I am okay with that, just as long as I don't have to wait until the end of next week to be induced. :) Thanks to everyone for your concern and prayers and phone calls! If I haven't gotten a chance to call you back, I apologize. My mom does a great job of keeping me busy!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Quick Update

I am still pregnant!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So Sad

I just got back from the doctor and all I can say is I am still really really pregnant...No, I haven't dilated one bit from last week. Yes, I cried when I left the doctor's office. Yes, I just finished crying. And yes, I will probably continue to cry off and on until this baby is out! I had absolutely no idea how much my emotions would be thrown for a loop! Okay, I have gone through this before when I am on my period or something, but nothing has ever lasted for days and even weeks! All I have to say is poor, poor Jeff. He has been sooooooo patient though and just sits and holds me and tells me it will be alright, even though my emotions range from outright anger to the deepest depression I have ever experienced. It is tough and I am glad I don't have other children right now as I learn how to cope with these mood swings. Lots of praying and lots of reading my scriptures and listening to uplifting music have helped some and then venting to my mom helps too because she just listens and I can say whatever I darn well please without worrying about being judged and her not loving me anymore.

The doctor told me last week that he would be able to induce me at 40 weeks, but now he doesn't think insurance would cover it until I am 41 weeks because I am too healthy. By then my mom will be gone and Jeff will be in finals and that is what upsets me. He has six tests and two clerkships to do that week. And these aren't just your run of the mill tests. Dental school tests you study for at least a week in advance if you want to do well, so hopefully he will get some study time in the week my mom is here.

I did get my membranes stripped today and I lost my mucous plug a week ago, but still no contractions. I have tried acupressure and exercising practically until I could only lay on the couch and breathe, like today I walked six miles and cleaned the whole house and yesterday I did elliptical for 40 minutes and walked for another 40...nothing. Not even Bracton Hicks contractions! Really, I am not that uncomfortable and I don't mind being pregnant, but I am scared that the baby will come after everyone has left and Jeff is taking a final. Sorry for the pessimism, but I have to warn you, it may just get worse after the baby is born, according to post-partum information! :)

On a happy note, though, one of my friends just had twin girls early than expected and they are both healthy and doing well! That makes me smile because they have been waiting so long for these babies! Here is a real smile :)!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Our Christmas Tree

Jeff and I set up our Christmas tree this weekend. It was so fun and really made it feel more like the holidays. Out here it has been about 70F so it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving or Christmas are near. The grass is still green and there are leaves on the trees (although they are dying). It is strange and I don't exactly like no snow and no cold, so we will for sure be moving back to the northwest as soon as Jeff is done with dental school. Here is the finished product! I took off the flash so you could see the lights on the tree better.
Jeff setting up the lights.
These are Jeff's precious ornaments...his cars. Hallmark puts out a new one each year and his grandma started buying them for him when he was young. Every year she still sends him one. He has quite a collection and it is his job to hang them up. They are very special :)
A terrible picture of me hanging stuff up on the tree, but you get the idea.
This picture is for everyone to see my haircut that Jeff gave me! Yep, he cut it all by himself! He did a great job!This pic didn't turn out, but you can see my tummy and how far it sticks out. I am a little over 8 1/2 months pregnant AND I went to the doctor today. I am so excited because I am 1-2 cm dilated and 20% effaced! Still don't think I have had any contractions, but I really have no idea. Maybe he will come soon! The doctor also said he thinks the baby weighs 6-7 lbs. right now. I was a little concerned because I had a dream the other night that the baby weighed 10 pounds when he was born! Ugh!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Wizards in Winter

Last Saturday Jeff and I went to a concert put on by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We figured it may be our last time doing something fun together just the two of us, so we splurged. It was Jeff's first concert and mine too (almost) and it was awesome! Some of it was a bit cheesy, like the blond long-haired girls who kept head banging and dancing like strippers to the side and the narrator way overdid his part, then rocked out on the chair he sat on to the side. He was just plain wierd! But the rest was awesome! They had fireworks and fire that changed color and came up out of the middle of the audience. When the fire lit up, we could feel the heat from it. And the guitars were great! Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves and would have rated it an 8-9 out of 10. One thing is for sure, the baby really enjoyed it! He was going nuts the whole time! Needless to say, he slept a lot the next day.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Timbaland pres. OneRepublic - Apologize (Original)

This is my new favorite song. I am not sure why I like it, but I especially just love the beginning. No idea what it is about and probably best that way!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just One More Post for Today

Today I went to dental school! Jeff had a group presentation and was singing a song he wrote, so I went to watch and just hang out. He also dressed up, as you can tell. Their presentation was about elderly and oral health, so he dressed up in his old baby blue suit with highwater pants and white shoes. It was a hit! He was hilarious! Pretty much he saved his presentation...It was getting a little boring. He got tons and tons of compliments and had the whole class laughing, including the professor.

Here are the lyrics:

Put in a home the other night
Everyone tells me it will be alright
They took my keys so I can’t drive
Just because I turned 65

Now that I’m 65
I am barely alive
Can’t remember you name
Elderly and in pain, Elderly and in pain

My mom told me prevention is the key
To stopping periodontal disease
I ignored all her constant pleas
Now my mouth is full of caries

Just cuz I turned 65
I am barely alive
Life just isn’t the same
Drilled on and in pain, Drilled on and in pain

Pulled all my teeth and gave me dentures
All they feed me now is a can of Ensure
My dentist told me I’m getting old
Then he took my entire billfold

Just cuz I turned 65
And I am barely alive
But I am not to blame
Lost my teeth and in pain, lost my teeth and in pain

For those of you who live nearby and missed out, I would encourage you all to ask him to play and sing it for you. It is worth it.