Thursday, April 16, 2009

Laughing Little Boy

Our Little Dancer

Happy Easter!

We celebrated our first "real" Easter with Maddox and had the Easter bunny come. In my family we have a tradition of hiding jelly beans in pairs around the living room. Maddox had a blast finding them and it took him less than a second to shove them all in his mouth. He was in love with the flavor but couldn't figure out how to swallow them, so he would chew them for awhile and then spit them out. Then go for another handful and repeat. We finally said no more two bright red stains on the carpet later.

The loot

Searching for those jellybeans!The chocolate bunny! He likes white chocolate but isn't a huge fan of "real" chocolate. Thanks Randy and Beverlee for the nice Easter shirt!

My Mom's Visit

Brian assuming the position for the day...Just kidding. He usually isn't this close, although he does spend quite a bit of time playing Ogre Battle. Maddox finds it humorous to close the armoire doors so Brian can't see the TV. I think it is funny and that Maddox is trying to tell Brian he shouldn't play so much Nintendo, but Brian thought otherwise. The next thing I know Brian had taped the doors to the piano so Maddox couldn't close them. I told him that probably wasn't going to work as the varnish would get taken off, so he invented another contraption with rubber bands and sure enough, it works. Maddox's efforts have been frustrated...for now.

While my mom was here we found this wagon. Maddox LOVES it!

Tired baby.
Playing with the cousins. Matthew liked to ride and Maddox liked to push/pull.
When Grandma visits, the candy is present in huge amounts and Maddox discovered he doens't really care for chocolate that much. He has a habit of sucking it for a few seconds and then spitting it all out. It is nasty and you would think we would have learned our lesson the first time, but just today I tried again, to no avail.

Jeff's Dream Come True