Friday, April 27, 2007

VP Dick Cheney's visit to BYU's Commencement

Okay, so yesterday Jeff and I ended up going to commencement. I got over my fears of someone blowing up the Marriott Center or someone going on a shooting spree. It was hard, but I did it! Actually, I just really wanted to go and I realized that a member of the First Presidency, namely President Hinckley, was going to be there and that made me feel safe. I am glad that I went too! We got a ride with our neighbors around 1:45 p.m. to the Marriott Center. The lines were SUPER long. Everyone stood in line while I walked around to find a shorter line. I did and we were able to get in after waiting 45 minutes in the hot sun. Everyone had to go through security, like at the airport, and I was able to bring food in! Yeah! I had packed a few things and figured I would just throw them away if I needed to.We found a seat way up in the rafters, but it was really nice because they had little packages of food and I got to take three because no one wanted to sit that high. They had water bottles in them, a small pretzel package and a brownie, so I ate a PB&J and three packages of pretzels while we were there. Commencement was finally over at 6:00 p.m., so I am very grateful I had food to eat. Then we walked home and Jeff made a yummy yummy dinner of chinese chicken salad. I ate two whole bowls full! Can you tell my life revolves around food and/or the lack thereof? Sometimes it is really annoying, for me and for others!
More about commencement, though. I was very happy that everyone treated VP Cheney with respect and applause. Sometimes I think he got more applause then he would have had President Hinckley not have been standing right next to him walking in...but I was glad for it. I knew that nationally BYU was being watched to see how we reacted and I was very happy that everyone respected Cheney and nothing happened at all. His speech was extremely enjoyable and interesting and short, which I liked! He was funny and yet shared personal stories that made it so interesting. Like this one: He started out his talk by saying that his wife and him had ties to this valley and school. His wife's ancesters were Mormon pioneers and crossed the plains with everyone else to settle the valley. Two of her relatives attended BYU Academy and graduated from there as well. He said that the LDS faith has had a big impact in their life and his wife's especially and that she was very proud of her Mormon heritage and would think even better of him now that he has an honorary degree from BYU. He then shared his personal experiences with his life plans and how it is good to have a plan for our future, but to be open to the opportunities we may be blessed with and that sometimes the life we have planned for ourselves isn't the life that is best for us. He used his own life as an example. When President Samuelsen introduced him, he said VP Cheney attended Yale and then left to go home and later finished up at the University of Wyoming. VP Cheney went back to this in his talk and said, "You are probably wondering what happened with Yale." He went on to say that he started college at Yale and after a few semesters there, they asked him to leave...twice! And the second time they asked him not to come back. He mentioned how important it was for us to realize that everyone experiences failure, but it is how we handle the failure that is important. He continued on in school of U of W where he met his wife. They went to Minnesota for his doctorate. He wanted to graduate and teach on campus as faculty for the rest of his life, but while doing his doctorate, he was approached by someone at the White House and had an opportunity to start work in government and public he said his life totally changed from then on out. He never finished his PhD. He said he is still trying to figure out what topic he wants to do it on.
So that is pretty much it. I really enjoyed his talk and was very happy with the whole experience! It was also nice to see him smile and not be so serious. Sometimes I feel bad for him and others in public positions. They definitely make mistakes, just like the rest of us, but they are always reminded of them by people wherever they go. I think I would cry the whole time I was in office if I had his job...and that's why I am a secretary!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jeff and I have been wanting to buy some new couches before we move to Kentucky. We really have lucked out. Our neighbors are moving and decided to sell their couches, so we are going to buy them. But in the process, we found these couches that we LOVE...well, loved is more the word. We love the look, but when you sit on them, it feels like you are sitting on the floor they are so hard. I might be exaggerating a little, but they are still pretty hard, so that sealed the deal. We are buying our neighbor's couches, which are still really nice and we are so grateful!
Here is a pic of the ideal couches we really like the color and look of, but are too hard:

Here is a pic of the couches we are getting from our neighbors, still stylish and nice looking:

Friday, April 20, 2007

One of "Those" Days

Do you ever have one of "those" days, where you feel like the world hates you and everyone you come in contact with is out to get you? Well, today is one of those for me. It is probably due to some hormonal imbalance and thus I am thinking illogically, but I thought I would share with you and let you tell me if I am the problem or them...

My first encounter with the grumpy came when I entered the door to work. I was happy as today is Friday and we get to wear jeans on Friday. I said, "Good morning" to my coworker and asked how she was doing. Absolutely no response whatsoever...not even an acknowledgement of my presence. The thing that sets me off is that it is not like this just once in awhile (because we all have bad days and we all aren't feeling well all the time), but it is like this EVERY DAY! So after three months of working my job and getting pretty much the same response everyday, making a resolution to be even nicer the next day has gotten me no where. This really wouldn't bother me so much if everyone was treated this way by her, but it is just me. What did I do besides smile and try to be nice? She will speak happily to everyone in the office but me. She will go in and close the door to my supervisor's office and they will sit in there and giggle and talk for an hour or so. They will leave to go to meetings that I am supposed to be at too and never tell me where they are going.

My second one occurred when the student walked in, Grumpy's sister, laughing and happy because Sanjaya was kicked off American Idol. Okay, so Sanjaya Malakar wasn't the best singer on American Idol, but what did he ever do besides get on stage and smile? I said, "But it was kind of sad when he started crying." She stated, "No way! My sister and I were laughing so hard! I am so happy! It made my day! I hate him! He doesn't deserve to be there. He is ugly and gay." It just made me so mad at the lack of concern for another person's feelings without even knowing them. Perhaps it is because I feel extremely judged and singled out and I cannot for the life of me figure out why.

My third one happened because today was my supervisor's birthday, so I brought in chips and salsa and fruit for everyone to eat. Grumpy brought in a seven layer bean dip and brownies for her best friend. They all went in to my supervisor's office to celebrate while I was on the phone. By the time I made it in there they were all done and leaving. I filled and plate and ate by myself. Then I took a bit more and couldn't finish the rest, so I left it there and told my supervisor I would finish it in a little bit. Everyone else had left their stuff there as well, so I figured it was okay and my supervisor said okay too. I went to lunch and when I came back, Grumpy was in there getting ready to eat lunch with my supervisor in her office and another girl. I went in there to grab my stuff off the table and couldn't find it anywhere. I asked where it was and she said there is stuff in the fridge maybe check in there. I said no, I just checked the fridge and it wasn't in there. She said again (neither time ever even looking in my dirction), "Check the fridge maybe it is in there." I went and checked it again and it wasn't there of course. She chucked it and denied the while other people's plates sat there, mine was gone. I could actually care less that it was thrown away...what makes me mad is that she denied it.

A forth upsetting factor in my day...Grumpy's sister saw the chips that I brought. Don Julio. So they aren't the best tasting, but I buy them in bulk for Jeff (my husband) because he has high blood pressure and they are low in sodium. I also brought the lime Tostitos ones because I wanted a variety for everyone. Well, the first thing I hear is a series of, "Ew! Gross! I hate these chips! Who brought these? These are the most disgusting chips ever! How are we supposed to eat our bean dip now!?" How insulting...did she bring anything at all? Nope.

Anyway, if you can't tell already I am really upset. I am really starting to wonder, "Is there something wrong with me?" The same kind of things happened in my last job. Cuz if there is, somebody please tell me and I will be more than happy to try to work on it! I know I have my definite weaknesses and sometimes I can appear grumpy myself when I just don't know what to say and sometimes I am just plain grumpy and sometimes I am too opinionated and overbearing or close-minded, but everyone has their weaknesses, but no one deserves to be treated or made to feel this way.

I did talk to my supervisor about it because of what happened at my last job and I didn't want this situation to spiral down to that one, and things seemed okay for about a week or two, but now it is back to how it used to be...perhaps worse. So here we are...Grumpy and me, sitting right across from each other. Everyone else has left the office for the day. It is just her and me and has been for the past 30 minutes. With 30 minutes left to go, will she even look at me or utter a peep? Nothing so far.

I probably shouldn't post this, but if you are reading it, obviously I did. I just can't understand what I have done to be treated this way at two jobs in a row? I need some ideas. Anyone?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Temple Workers

Jeff and I have been working in the temple baptistry over the past couple of months. The ladies that work there are really nice, as are the men, but this one experience made me laugh. So I was folding the bras and undergarments for the young women in the dressing room with an older woman and a girl about my age. We were really running low on everything and so we had to use either REALLY small bras, like AA's or REALLY big bras, like XXXX Large (yes, they cater to all people).

So this girl walks in and the older woman says, "Can I get your clothing?"

Girl: Yes

Woman: We are running low on bra sizes.

Girl: I will take an extra small.

Woman: Are you sure? You look a little too big for an extra small.

Girl: Actually, that is the size I always get.

Woman: Well, if you use the extra small it sure isn't going to be extra small when you are through with it!

Girl: No comment...just walked away with her extra small.

I looked at the other girl my age working there and was shocked! I really don't think it was meant in any way to be mean, but it would have left me (if I was the extra small/XXXX large girl) feeling pretty down! My opinion is that the girl would have been fine with an extra small, so sometimes people just misjudge others even though their intentions are good.

The Twitching Eye (cont.)

So I thought before the weekend was out and I forget to tell my story, my eye FINALLY stopped twitching...and I didn't even notice. It must have happened sometime last week when my mom was visiting. To tell you all the truth, after the first SUPER DUPER annoying day, the next SUPER annoying day, and so one, I kind of forgot about it. So the idea is to have patience when you have a twitching eye, which I am absolutely terrible at! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Good Doctor

So I remembered this story I could post that would be entertaining to everyone who has known my health issues over past year and a half...

BACKGROUND: To bring you all up to speed, about 1 1/2 years ago I started having health problems. Doctors couldn't figure it out and so I was sick like this for over a year...until I got a new job. Then it all went away and we figured out it was the stress and anxiety produced from my job situation. During that period of time, I was diagnosed with a heart problem called vasovagal syncope (which means I never can run again and will keep passing out for the rest of my life and it will only get worse) and put on beta blockers (WRONG), told I had a brain tumor and multiple sclerosis on a Friday and finally told on the following Tuesday that the doctor had read the report wrong and I was tumor free and multiple sclerosis was not an option, and finally I was told I had restrictive lung disease (which entails being on a respirator for the rest of your life) on a Monday and the next day told the nurse read the report wrong AGAIN! This was, by the way, at three totally separate doctor's offices! This all happened within a period of a couple months and can I just say by the end of it my mental and emotional capacities were shot!

PRESENT: A couple weeks ago I went to the doctor for a random check up because I had been feeling kind of wierd and it came back that one of my hormone levels was off. It was prolactin...sooooo, I had to go in for another MRI of my brain because when these levels are elevated a lot of times it is caused by a tumor on your pituitary. Just when I thought I was finally fine and healthy again, this happens! Anyway, I went in for the MRI and they had to put contrast in me through an IV to see better. I had this last time and nothing really happened. This time, however, when it went into me my heart rate shot up really fast really quickly and I started feeling like I was going to pass out and I got a metallic taste in my mouth. They have speakers in the MRI machine and the girl said, "If you have any problems, just tell me and I can stop the procedure." So I said, "Um, I think I am going to pass out." No answer. So I said it again a little louder and looked in the mirror to see the girl checking her hotmail email on one of the computers in the glass room...not even paying attention. I eventually screamed, "Help!" a couple times and nothing. Then I just got furious! I think that helped me through it. I didn't pass out and ten minutes later she came in like nothing was wrong. I was so mad I told her what I thought...Actually I wish I would have told her what I thought, but instead I told her calmly what had happened and to be more careful next time.

The MRI was normal...Yeah! No tumor! I had to wait for the results over a weekend again and throughout the next week until Wednesday. By that time I had figured out that if there was something seriously wrong they would have called right away like the previous time they told me I actually had one! Anyway, that is my emotional rollarcoaster of a life. The conclusion of the story is...doctors are human too and all humans make mistakes, only doctors should make less because they are dealing with a patient's life. Needless to say, I think now that I am a better doctor for myself then anyone else...unless I have had my leg recently severed, I am better off without one! I will put in one plug for my brother-in-law though. I trust him...but good doctors are hard to find now a days. Best of luck to everyone else in their health endeavors!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter!

Nothing too exciting to report over our weekend except it was Easter and the Easter bunny missed our house! However, Jeff got enough candy to last him five years! My mom always buys him candy and I hate it...she bought him a couple bags of Easter candy and a huge Costco size bag of mini Reese's peanut butter cups, plus ice cream and chocolate syrup. I keep encouraging him to give them away or to share, so he took a Ziploc bag full of them to school with him today to share with some of the guys in his chemistry lab. A couple weeks ago when he was sick with the flu, they finished his lab for him while he was throwing up in the bathroom.
My mom left on Saturday morning after taking us out to eat at Kneaders for french toast. She hadn't ever had it. I actually ate more than Jeff too...almost. It was pretty close. He only got a measly three down and I ate most of my third but couldn't finish part of the crust. After they left, I went on a walk with one of my girlfriends while Jeff went and played basketball for a couple hours. I ended up getting a little burned on the back of my neck, but it was nice to get out.

As for Easter, I was reflecting on our family traditions we used to do each year. I remember we used to always dye Easter eggs a couple days before Easter. We also used to have an Easter egg hunt with all the family with fake Easter eggs filled with candy. It was so much fun! On Easter morning we would each get an Easter basket full of candy and a new stuffed animal or movie or something like that. Then we would take all our candy out and look for the jellybeans the Easter bunny would hide throughout the living/dining room where our baskets were left. They would be left in pairs and would always be some new wacky kind of jelly bean from starbursts or pastel ones with pocka dots on them. We would give all the black ones to my mom becasue she was the only one who liked them and then proceed to trade candy for our favorites. I would always get the white jelly beans and the chewy marshmellow like pink, purple and yellow bunnies and roosters.

I would take the robin eggs and rub them on my lips so I could have was my favorite. :)

And peeps! Why does everyone hate them! They are absolutely delicious! Perhaps an acquired taste, but once acquired, they sure are yummy! And those Cadbury Eggs...for some reason it never clicked in me that rabbits don't lay eggs (and we had rabbits growing up). I would always poke a hole in the chocolate and suck out the middle. I am not a huge fan of chocolate. Then we would sit in front of the TV and watch all those great easter movies and eat candy all day. What great memories!